Absolute Astronomy is a regular blog created for the purpose of publishing concise and honest reviews of telescopes and other astronomy equipment marketed to the amateur enthusiast.

The site also provides thorough equipment guides, buying advice, and a frequently revised glossary of jargon to help the reader break through what can, occassionally, be a rather dense and complicated subject.

There's never been a better time to be an amateur astronomer, as the modern designs and materials employed by today's manufacturers can result in superb low-cost optics, which produce far better images than the those of the past. In fact, even a production line beginner's telescope today will easily outperform most of the instruments once regarded to be world class, which have defined our understanding of the universe over the last 400 years.

All of this gear comes at a cost, however, and whilst that cost may not always be high, most of us still get peace of mind by researching our purchases and making sure we spend our 'hobby money' as wisely as possible. This is where reviews come in.

Reviews, like the products they address, can be a mixed bag. Sometimes there's too much information; sometimes too little. Occasionally, a review contains bizarre, obscure or otherwise irrelevant details. My aim is to provide a site full of reviews, both accurate and concise, which draw upon my experience as both an equipment consultant, and someone who just plain loves astronomy.

Over time, things will change and improve around here. If you have any comments about the blog, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my personal website. I'd love to hear from you.

Clear skies!

Tom Kerss F.R.A.S

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